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Skills gained modelling in Sketchup experience, organisational, market stall experience, small business model experience, real world contacts in arts and crafts, art co-operatives, local printer etc. considerations for print material plus the extensive variety of services at a modern printers

I wanted to document my local area of Toxteth and Aigburth. I’m not a great sketcher but I find it easy thinking in 3D . I realised the 2D output of the 3D models (jpegs and png’s) seemed popular enough to be commercial, so I made a series of models and experimented with techniques but did not use a render engine – instead I limited myself to Sketchup Styles and simple (daylight source) lighting plus post editing in Photoshop 8

My market would be mainly local but the majority of prints I saw in arts/craft stores, if they did local scenes only showed; the liver building, Anfield etc with a few notable exceptions, Jane Adams among them. The local areas and buildings that have a personal connection. I was approached by people on separate occasions who had such a connection with the scene or street. I modelled the 80s proto-brutalist building that is the Job Centre, because the architecture fascinated me. The person whose father designed that building approached me at Granby Toxteth market and told me as much. they also said everybody hated the building and jokingly told me they normally kept quiet about it for that very reason and obviously loved the fact that I loved it too!

I liked buildings down side streets. Streets where nobody went. buildings people pass all the time. The problem as I see it is, were spoiled for architecture round here 🙂

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