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This is a post on art prints. To buy prints go to the SHOP Skills gained modelling in Sketchup experience, organisational, market stall experience, small business model experience, real world contacts in arts and crafts, art co-operatives, local printer etc. considerations for print material…


My latest 3D work has been created in. the pro version of Sketchup. I used this as a way of modelling architecture to be used as promotional material for commercial retailers. Surprisingly, I found that these pictures had a commercial value in themselves and…


Ive often thought how I would fare in a world where some cataclysmic event had occurred (and if you think I’m sort of psychopath just take a look at BBC2’s Horizon progs where all manner of end-of world scaremongering scenarios are to be found….

Skip Addiction

(Or The Post Apocalyptic Woodwork Workshop)

It would be remiss of me, if I were not to mention some of the things that were otherwise destined for landfill that I have yoinked from skips (Always get permission!) over the years. I know you’ve heard it all before, “You wouldn’t believe what people throw out, these days!”, and the like. I have had a ton of old railway sleepers and of course pallet wood for use on my projects as well as better quality wood, like the block of sapele I am currently using to make a lap steel guitar with

To the left is an oak table I found around the corner from my flat. I dragged it back(over the the roundabout by the park gates across the pelican crossing) to mine and pretty much regretted it after the third flight of stairs (it was so heavy!!)but I realised after I had caught my breath that it was worth the effort for such an incredibly nice table. Apologies I have no finished pictures but it did came up lovely and It is presently in use at a friends house.

I have found Wooden blinds the coolest enamel coffee pot, an uplighter and a bench sander (have them tested by someone qualified.), benches, a stool I recovered and re-covered – haha, I have found 1950s panoramic picture of Nice and 2 framed lithographs of Bedgelert in their original frames

I found this hoop rusting in a skip on Devonshire road. The backboard is made of pallet wood. Ive found a victorian mangle an A0 drawing board, a computer desk, a sleek stainless steel bathroom cabinet,

… An amazing old toolbox, a stone (alright!- it’s resin) gargoyle, a 1960s projector screen, a 1950s projector screen…

guitar (was in a sorry state though) Soaking and a broken neck…


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Liverpool Football Club approached JMU Learning Methods Unit to create a multimedia CD-Rom, for commercial use. The CD would contain Interviews, games, memorabilia, videos, archive footage, club history etc. Role 3D content creator, Area specific Director Archive footage, old match programmes, badges, penants, kits, autographs…


‘V-mule was a non-violent, multiplayer videogame that explored the potential learning aspects of these technologies. While the aims of the game are overtly to support the development of children’s thinking and collaboration skills, the scenarios into which they are immersed are more typical of…

No. 9

Child’s Play No. 9 was a collaboration between ICDC and Yr 8 pupils from Shorefields School exploring space. Inspired by games to communicate navigation and journeys, participants developed the concept of a virtual 3 dimensional space, populated by visual and audio content created by…

NOW project

The NOW project was a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) sister Universities in Ireland, Greece, Italy and The European Social Fund. Its aim was to educate long term unemployed women in the emerging industries of new media, specifically through (what was then)…


Vampyre Donkey was the first and only album by goybirl. They only ever played 2 gigs, both at the Great Wigston WMC


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