Skip Addiction

I love finding stuff that’s destined for landfill and turning into something useful.That’s the idea, anyways. I know it’s not single-handedly saving the planet but it exorcises my frustration of those in power, who are reacting so slowly when it comes to matters of climate change. That’s all om saying on the matter. I’ve already said to much . I know anything that might seem to preach…

NOW project

The NOW project was a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) sister Universities in Ireland, Greece, Italy and The European Social Fund. Its aim was to educate long term unemployed women in the emerging industries of new media, specifically through (what was then) industry standard software: Flash, Photoshop, Director, Infini-D, Soundedit 16 and Dreamweaver. I was tasked with creating a series of online tutorials and esoteric…

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