Liverpool Football Club approached JMU Learning Methods Unit to create a multimedia CD-Rom, for commercial use. The CD would contain Interviews, games, memorabilia, videos, archive footage, club history etc.


‘V-mule was a non-violent, multiplayer videogame that explored the potential learning aspects of these technologies. While the aims of the game are overtly to support the development of children’s thinking and collaboration skills, the scenarios into which they are immersed are more typical of commercial videogames than of traditional ‘edutainment’. Each prototype builds on the lessons learnt from the preceding ones, providing a far more informed and…

No. 9

Child’s Play No. 9 was a collaboration between ICDC and Yr 8 pupils from Shorefields School exploring space. Inspired by games to communicate navigation and journeys, participants developed the concept of a virtual 3 dimensional space, populated by visual and audio content created by participants, which could be navigated through via electronic sensors. The resulting installation was exhibited at Liverpool’s Writing on the Wall festival and the…

NOW project

The NOW project was a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) sister Universities in Ireland, Greece, Italy and The European Social Fund. Its aim was to educate long term unemployed women in the emerging industries of new media, specifically through (what was then) industry standard software: Flash, Photoshop, Director, Infini-D, Soundedit 16 and Dreamweaver. I was tasked with creating a series of online tutorials and esoteric…

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