ZERO ATTENTION SPAN CV ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ 07494878382

MA Digital Arts LJMU
BA Multimedia Arts MMU
Cert Ed. (Education)

British Sign Language L2

20 Years Experience Using Apple Mac Systems and Software in Design Projects and Digital Artefact Creation


Developer 1996 – 99

Lecturer/Dev 2000-12

Dev/Designer 2012-19


10 Years

teaching minorities & disenfranchised groups

35 Year Guitar Dependency

 Wood Dragon B.10.10.64

 Left handed


From Leicester

Lives/loves Liverpool

Some viewers may find the following material offensive extremely tedious. you might try try the quick look CV instead, everything you could possibly want to know is there. for those who clicked to find bank details – sorry you were click-baited.

Please do not be alarmed by the name! As mentioned, this site was to be my portfolio and so I did not really think of the consequences of my admin name.

(It was the name for my next music project. Its an old trick – take something that sounds cute to disguise the fact that it is actually devastating).

Anyways the real name is more mundane and the picture these days grows ever scarier, so bomblet, I’m afraid is here to stay!

I am a fairly self-conscious person and have always pretty much kept any creative work I’ve done to myself. The events of this year gave me the impetus to post stuff online. I won’t apologise for this, as I have no real other social media account (except ace Nextdoor and SoundCloud) I nuked my FB page years ago from lack of use (and friends, haha).

You can Think of this site in two parts: The BLOG and the SHOP. You can pretty much go to the shop to browse and never need go to the blog and vice versa.

This website was originally intended to be my online CV and portfolio – as another way of trying to find employment. The CV to the right is left where it once stood; in homage and desperation.

I spent the first part of the year like alot of people; having to re-evluate what I was to do. I had been running a small sideline business up until the beginning of 2019. I started retraining for a new field of work when the pandemic hit.

I’d hate for anyone to think Ive been spending the new’found’ time just building a vanity website but that unfortunately is what it has turned out to be so far… I only wanted to learn some coding skills and maybe find some work and look what’s happening!!

Anyways, it will keep growing and hopefully evolving. I’m spending more and more time here because there’s too much to learn once you start. Id like this site to be more than just a site to sell my stuff and look for work. I would like it to work for other people as well. Maybe provide work or be a resource or service for a local groups. I shouldn’t say as I don’t yet know the need. If you have ideas, please contact me using the form below or at: thing is for certain. Like all things it will change. I had hoped to Launch this site just before December but have been fixing and debugging and testing (there is no need to be alarmed about the security of the shop as this is a separate ‘plugged in part of the rest of the website) and will be perpetually improving and debugging the blog side of this site so please bear with me and keep visiting if you like the ideas and the stuff, if I get visitors – I’ll be compelled to create. Thank you and thanks for reading.

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