‘Sonny Knight Blues Edition’


Height 120cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 7.5cm
weight: $80
Scale Length 27in.(68.68cm)
No. of strings 3


This ‘guitar’ is quite difficult to play. I made it originally with with the idea that I would play it with a slide (no need to fret the neck). I made a slide from a brass shell casing sawn in half – but it doesn’t sound great that way. I play it fingered and think its quite easy to play this way, as I’m familiar with it. Other guitarists who have had a go, usually have trouble with it.I also really enjoy playing it, believe it or not. I like that it has no weight. The wood at the headstock makes you want to pick it up and sling the body over your shoulder like some itinerant hillbilly.I say it sounds good because it has a very long scale length. Longer than most guitars, this gives it a richer tone. Ive only got one tune that sounds ok on it but I can play it for ages.


The neck of this ‘guitar’ was made from a victorian door surround from a shop on Aigburth Rd. It has provided the wood for the necks of 2 guitars and 1 bass ‘guitar’. I planed and then cut it lengthways with a circular saw and then one of the pieces I cut again to give three straight pieces of different thicknesses. The thinnest, I used with this guitar [I’m fed up putting quote marks around ‘guitar’ – so Im stopping!] after I planed and planed and used surform tools for the headstock and sanded and sanded. The box is an old boules box that I cut with a fretsaw to make the ‘f’ holes. One of my favourite parts of this is the steel protector at the bridge end. It is the ‘grater’ from a bike puncture repair kit.

For a better perspective on how I built this and the ‘guitars’ similar to it. Read the post ‘Armageddon Guitars’

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