Ive often thought how I would fare in a world where some cataclysmic event had occurred (and if you think I’m sort of psychopath just take a look at BBC2’s Horizon progs where all manner of end-of world scaremongering scenarios are to be found. Where a stray asteroid or some super volcanoe is threatening to put a damper on our cosy way of life). I despaired at the thought that I probably couldn’t even fashion a sh*tty little table and stool in order to eat my rat and irradiated beans. So with all the wood I’ve been stockpiling and saving from landfill for winter fuel, I’m keeping the best of it – usually sapele/mahogany  window/door frames in order to fashion some sort of Cigar Box Guitar(CBG) to see how I would get on. I’m pretty pleased with how my first effort turned out and what’s more – it sounds awesome.

I started with little, correction, no knowledge (nary a youTube-instructionalvideo) and (mostly) the few basic tools I possessed; I started to skip dive for wood that was otherwise destined for landfill.

The body is from an old boule box . The machine-heads or tuners  were spares. The piezo pick up (the microphone that ‘picks up’ the guitars vibrations ( the mic touches the object it is recording)) cost me £3.00 or thereabouts on eBay. The neck Is from the the massive door surround of (what is now) A pizza shop on Aigburth Road. I carried it back down The Lane on a Saturday night, with shouts of support; like a yoked horse.

After I’d stripped the paint off the 130 or so years, I guessed the wood to be mahogany. It was in beautiful condition. I set about one side of the surround at first with a circular saw to cut 3 unequal lengths that I have gone on to use as a further neck and (I’m in the middle of) a lap ‘steel’.

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