Box bass-box

(or Bass box-bass – It’s an instrument of tongue-twistering)


Height 98cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 10cm”
weight: 2.8 Kg
Scale Length 25in.(68.68cm)
No. of strings 1


This was made in pretty much the same way as CBG1 and 2. I Saw the wood roughly from the door jamb that I have used to make the necks of all 3 guitars, electric planed item 3 sides – the back of the neck has been sanded into a rounded shape that is more comfortable to hold. I bought a set of 4 bass tuning pegs on ebay as it worked out (individually a lot cheaper than buying one. Besides I want to build more than 1 , one string bass and you never know when I’ll find the wood or the body. The string is attached at the bridge by simply going though the wood and protecting the wood from the nub end of the bass string with a small piece of metal. The bridge is an old guitar bridge tat extends from the body to give a longer scale length

Badly placed string, horrible finish, difficult to play – it needs work…


This ‘guitar’ is awkward playing. Partly because it’s still unfinished. It’s easy enough to finger but the neck is too short, I think I picked the wrong string (I got a Low B – the lowest on a 5 string bass. I should have got an E – The lowest on standard bass. I wanted it to sound like a seismic event when I first imagined it with the low B. It ended up sounding like a – well I don’t know what like, as its a bit characterless really . Its deep but quiet and doesn’t resonate for long. I tried it with a clip on type piezo-mic and used it on a recording. It sounded pretty good, but that only tells you how good the effects and plug-ins of modern software are. Its very quiet; it needs a pre-amp to give it more energy, the box is deep so you cant seem to find a comfortable position, the wood of the box is terrible and have you seen that finish?! All in all it’s not got a great deal going for it. The truth is I just haven’t worked on it enough.

I like playing bass and I do play this occasionally but the action needs to be set quite high, so it is only for a short time.

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