Sitar Box Guitar


Height 120cm
Width: 20cm
Depth: 7.5cm
weight: 2kg
Scale Length 27in.(68.68cm)
No. of strings 3


I fitted this with 3 strings instead of four as I had just finished my first three stringed guitar and I loved the simplicity. I have been learning nano tho’ and now want to add another string. Its good fun and very easy to play. Its sounds a bit like a sitar – Ithing it is where OI have place the bridge – it seems to vibrate the wood around the f hole. I’m scarped to move it in case it changes the sound. The nice thing about these builds is you never know how something will sound. I know it sounds stupid – but its as though it develops a voice as you are making.


This ‘guitar’ was made in much the same way as CBG1. I created the neck from an old victorian door surround. The fretboard is taken (read wrenched with much suffering from an old neck that John in the old guitar shop on Aigburth road, sold to me for a fiver. Its glued on to the neck with horrible epoxy – so it isn’t going anywhere. The box is an old boule box – I cut the ‘f’ holes with a jigsaw (I ended up using the fretsaw blade on its own rather than using the fretsaw mechanism as I found I had greater control. I cut holes that were the diameter of the neck so the neck would fit snugly in the recess and the lid could come down. I attached machine heads by drilling holes, 3mm in diameter and attaching them by screwing the small tuner screws to drill directly into the wood. The string, machine heads and all other hardware are recycled from guitar parts I had lying around. The neck I shaped with a jigsaw, surfer tools and a hand sander. At some point I will fit another machine head so it can have four strings but I will need to adapt the bridge end much as CBG1 in order to do it

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