Skip Addiction

I love finding stuff that’s destined for landfill and turning into something useful.That’s the idea, anyways. I know it’s not single-handedly saving the planet but it exorcises my frustration of those in power, who are reacting so slowly when it comes to matters of climate change. That’s all om saying on the matter. I’ve already said to much . I know anything that might seem to preach puts off more people than its ever going to inspire. I will tell you where I found this stuff instead.
I found the hoop in a skip on Devonshire Road L8. The backboard is made from pallet wood. The net is from eBay. I’m not sure the whole thing is ‘competition standard’.
If you want a bit more on the environment, you might have a look at Oxfam‘s website. It is trying to bring the polluters to account and lets you know what you can do, if you wanted to get involved.

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